P.U.S.H – Pray Until Something’s Heard

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On a number of occasions, I’ve heard Christians say, “When God is silent, it means He’s up to something.”

I would never question God’s sovereign prerogative to remain silent on an issue should He wish to do so, but I often wonder if God’s apparent silence is because we are yet to adequately hone our listening skills well enough to hear Him.

Job 33:14 “Indeed God speaks once, or twice, yet no-one notices it.”

In order to hear God, we cannot throw in the towel after knocking, stomping off before He gets to the door.

The act of praying, worshipping, and spending time in God’s presence in order to hear from Him is a process that should not be cut short until we have reached a frequency where we can hear him.

Much like our satellite dishes attached to the walls of our homes, we must keep our frequency maintained at a certain elevated position where we can tune to whatever channel of need we have, and hear what God has to say about our situation. If we wouldn’t bundle our satellite dishes away before we’ve had a chance to watch our favourite TV show, then why pack away your prayer mat before you’ve a heard a word from God.

If you can keep your dish hoisted up and tuned to the air waves, then you can keep your prayer life lifted up to receive a word from your Father.

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